Help! My Wife is Confused About Swinging.

I have been married for 7 years now, and are in our early 30's. My wife shocked me one night when the subject of swinging came up and she said she would go to a swing convention if one came around. I took this as idle curiosity and said I'd look into it. I dug a little for local events and couldn't find anything so I dropped the subject.

She shocked me again by telling me she found several groups/clubs for our area. When I say shock I mean real shock. She has never been the type to show any interest in anything other than straight missionary sex. She is even hesitant to try different positions.

What has me even more confused is that during all this she has said that she doesn't think she could actually emotionally handle me being with another woman, and she swears that since she met me she hasn't had any interest in sleeping with another man. Yet, she persistently brings the
subject up.

We have a very open relationship and I believe she is sincere in what she tells me. Although I have never thought of it until now, I am interested in swinging. It would not bother me if she slept with another man if she had no hang-ups over me sleeping with another woman. I have complete trust in her always staying with me. I know she completely trusts me never to "cheat" on her, but I don't think she has confidence enough to "allow" me to have a sexual encounter with somebody else.

I am getting a mixed signal and I don't know how to approach the subject. I would like to take this farther, but I also want to keep her confidence and trust. Any ideas on how to deal with this?

Thank you for any help.